Information and media literacy

While journalists were once seen as gatekeepers, the internet has radically changed the way information is transmitted and communicated. In the “Media and Information Literacy” workshop, participants learn how the media work and how they can be used to participate in public debate. They become aware of their own media use and learn how to create content. They understand how to distinguish false information, disinformation and misinformation from facts and become competent and critical media users. Duration: two days.

Social Media Strategy Workshop

In the first section of the workshop, participants learn basic principles on how to use social media channels that are relevant to them. In the second section, we will create the basis of a concept which includes the strategic integration social media into the communication mix of the company/organisation. Duration: two days.

Storytelling: Share your story!

Participants will learn how to identify good stories and which media to use to reach the target audience. The third part of the workshop deals with the question of what to look out for when producing the content. Duration: two – three days.

Knowledge is power. (Francis Bacon)

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